In 1985 and at 16 years old,  I began my cabinet making apprenticeship in a famous furniture making workshop in Dundee, Scotland. 

After the apprenticeship was complete I left the workshop to expand my knowledge in the timber trade. This diversification took me nationwide,  which included shop fitting in Harrods,  London to fitting out elite clothing stores in Glasgow and Aberdeen. 

In the mid 90's I was given the fantastic opportunity to work in Holland, which I eagerly accepted. This experience took me back to my roots of cabinetmaking, but on a much higher level of creation and involvement. The work entailed understanding and deciphering of naval drawings to the completion of unique furniture pieces for luxury yachts in a bespoke workshop in Schiedam. 

My enthusiasm and love for cabinet-making and the boat building industry pushed me to request a move north to the De Vries Boatyard in Aalsmeer. This move increased my skills in furniture fitting and enabled me to have a hands on experience in luxury boat building. My request was accepted and I moved up to the boatyard close to Amsterdam for two years of unimaginable and incredible work that any carpenter would be envious of. 

My home country of Scotland at that time was beginning a rapid growth in the housing sector, particuarly new builds, which meant regular, consistent and local work for carpenters. The pull was too much for me, so I came back to Scotland to erect the many jigsaw puzzled new build homes in the Tayside and surrounding areas. 

After a while, and with the realization that the computer age was upon me, I enrolled in a Media Studies course to learn how to use my first computer, the iMac. 

These studies included design, which incorporated the Bauhaus, and led to the De Stijl Movement and the amazing Thomas Reitveld furniture. Which completely inspired me to make my own unique furniture. 

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